Lisa Braund CV

Event Management :

Pre event planning

• Generating leads, negotiating with sales teams, budgeting for events, liaising with stand designers

• Sourcing chaperones, seat fillers, camera spotters, red carpet assistants and loggers

• Producing operational information for dissemination e.g. press sheets, call sheets

• Determining attendance, creating seating plans, collaborating with ticket agencies re ticket sales.

Onsite organisation

• Guiding nominees and other artists through the ceremony venues

• Organising large groups e.g. international press conferences

• Liaison with all other on and off site colleagues to create a seamless smooth-running event

Post event

• Organisation of de-rigging, payment of invoices and completion of all post event documentation


Marketing / PR

• Established a start-up community network in London including Google Campus, Tech Hub, 3Beards, Silicon Roundabout events and Don’t Pitch Me Bro to market CISCO RAPTOR project

• Establishing, maintaining and regularly updating blogs and a variety of social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr, to raise the public profile of projects

• Developing and managing networking events and product launches to maximise visibility and publicity

• Design and production of flyers, brochures and information leaflets

• Assembling International press conferences and co-ordinating journalists interviews


Financial planning and organisation:

• Accurately costing, estimating and planning projects; negotiating with suppliers, ensuring ‘best value’

• Monitoring costs v budget and identifying potential for increased cost effectiveness and profitability


Interpersonal & Communication :

•  Advanced communication skills exhibited through development of strong professional networks and teams

•  Successful negotiation with talent agencies and effective media liaison

•  Creating and delivering presentations to stakeholders and partners to provide regular project updates

•  Working closely with talent bookers and producers to deal with celebrity guest lists

•  Utilises connections to secure key workshop speakers and other bookings



• Fully proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Windows and Adobe Photoshop. I am also quick to learn new software, including bespoke content management systems

• Established and maintained a website and associated social media sites for the RAPTOR project at CISCO

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